How Much Game Streamer make ?


In the planet of gaming / eSports / Twitch / Youtube / its hard to estimate how much money Streamer really make. I have no doubt that many of you have often wondered: how much money this guy gets with 200 subscribers, all day broadcasting games on Twitch?

Well, I will try to shed light on this, as in the days when I started to do it, find any real information, was very, very difficult. Many people are afraid to share secrets and information about their financial situation, but for me personally, this question was never scared.

To begin with, a few words about me. At the moment I am doing exceptionally gaming, streaming, etc. Initially I started with the dream of playing SC2 on a professional level, but after lengthy attempts realized that I was progressing not fast enough and did not have time to play all the time.

So, I gradually began to stream and  that gave me some income and support livelihoods. The problem is that when playing and streaming and spending time creating content you improve gaming skills even slower … It made me realize the dream of becoming a professional player is over.

Personally, I think that there is no sense to participate in any kind of competition, if you do not aspire to be the best of the best. Doing Stream, creating content, and therefore take a lot of time and simply you can not get to the lvl of top players. To climb to the top : you have to reach the level of champions, practicing a lot more than they are, but this is unrealistic, lets say top players playing at list 10 hours every day.

Any how before I understood I have been practice a lot,  and by the beginning of the tournament MLG Anaheim I reached about 30 rank GM NA. For me it was a great achievement, and I was very pleased at the success, but I also knew that as soon as I get back to Australia (until the end of the visa I was still about 4 months), I need money to continue to play and increase skills.

At this time I began to Stream longer to little stabilize my financial position. At that time I had not yet moved into the “Full Streamer”, as the approaching tournament Red bull Detroit. After unsuccessful performance in the tournament (ro32, lost HyuN) I spent a week in a depression, and then decided that I can not be the best. I came to the conclusion that if I want to connect a life with gaming / eSports (and I damn like this), I have to choose: either I’ll be Player or become streamers / content provider. After 2-3 months in the house ROOT I was Stream a lot and realized that I can do it to earn enough money to satisfy the minimum necessities of life.

Now I’m back in Australia, and the next few months will be a test that will determine whether I could devote my entire life gaming. I left home and moved to the other end of the country to have a high-quality Internet connection. I shared a house with another tape drive, settling in one of the few cities in Australia, where the Internet is more or less tolerable and suitable for streaming video.

I thought it would be nice to share their experience in implementing this crazy dream, because I’m sure that there are other people who share this passion, but has not yet made a final decision. This month will be the first: I will share information about income, progress, strategies and mistakes that I make in the process.

Do not forget that in the last 2-3 years I have invested a lot of time to play and the stream, so I already have some experience and followers. On beginning I had some tough time and spent quite a lot of twitch viewer bot to gain popularity and followers, with time real people start to flow in.  If you are just starting out, then you have come a long way more than me. So, enough chatter – for the cause!


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